Benefits of Re-Roofing With Metal

Benefits of Re-Roofing With Metal

Tuesday Jun 1st, 2021

Metal roofs boast extensive lifespans – sometimes as long as 60 years – and superior resistance to the elements. However, just like other roofs, metal roofs sometimes require maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. Older metal roofs were made from different materials than today, and over the years will eventually start to fail in places.

Re-roofing can save the hassle (and expense) of tearing off an existing roof. This process, also called roof retrofitting, involves installing a roof designed by the manufacturer directly over an existing one. It’s a fast, easy, and effective weather-tight solution that maximizes benefits while minimizing interruptions to your operations. Learn all the benefits of metal re-roofing to see if this solution is right for you.


Reduced Operating Costs

The price to keep your building up and running can lower after metal re-roofing. Dealing with an old, inefficient metal roof could be draining your operating expenses. An older roof may let in outside air, have reduced thermal efficiency, increase HVAC costs, and cause other problems such as water leaks or letting in pests. Before you know it, your monthly operating costs could escalate far past what they used to be.

If you’ve noticed your utility bills slowly increasing month after month, the problem could be your old metal roof. Retrofitting your metal roof creates an airtight seal that’s completely weatherproof and energy-efficient. Investing in the industry’s best metal roof system (such as the Butler MR-24®) can give you optimal efficiency with the tightest seam available on the market today. You’ll enjoy a long-term solution that requires minimal maintenance, and immediately start saving on operating costs.

Re-roof with an energy-efficient cool color to save even more on monthly costs. Metal roofs can come in many different colors, some that reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays more than others. Discuss your best energy-efficient options with your roofer for more information. Choosing the right color could reduce your operating costs even further.


Low to No Maintenance

Metal re-roofing can significantly reduce the amount of roofing maintenance required to keep your system up and running as it should. You won’t have to deal with rusted or compromised metal panels, holes in the roof, potential structural damage, or other common roofing problems with a new metal roof. Retrofit metal roofing systems can be designed to create more slope than an existing flat roof, helping things like water and debris slide off. Maintenance tasks, therefore, can be a fraction of what you needed for your old roof.

Butler Mfg. galvalume metal roofs come with a 25-year warranty. That means for a quarter of a century, you don’t have to worry about paying to repair or replace your metal roof if it runs into issues. Furthermore, third party testing has proven the useful life of galvalume to be over 60 years – about three to four times the useful projected lifespan of a traditional membrane or foam roofing system. You can enjoy roof longevity without any extra maintenance. So imagine: minimal maintenance and a longer roofing lifecycle equals lower operating costs for your business.


Energy Savings

Metal re-roofing can help increase the energy efficiency of your building. Re-roofing comes complete with an entirely new roofing system, and can include additional insulation and/or ventilation. It can resolve issues you’re currently experiencing with your outdated roof, such as air leaks and energy losses. Added insulation during the retrofitting process can save on operating costs through energy savings, while brand-new roofing materials will help seal the building envelope from the elements.

Today’s metal roofs don’t just fix problems you have with your old roof – they go a step further and help provide energy savings. Modern metal roofs can have higher r values or lower U values, in an effort to contribute to energy savings for your business. Re-roofing with a new metal roofing system can give you the advantage of higher energy efficiency materials protecting your building with lower maintenance costs. You’ll enjoy lower utility bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and even potential tax breaks.


Minimal Business Disruption

Metal roofs are already ideal choices for businesses, but metal re-roofing comes with the unique advantage of not disrupting business during installation. Re-roofing involves installing a new metal roof over your existing one, with no need to tear off the old material. This saves valuable time and effort while yielding great results. The preferred roofing system, Butler MR-24®, uses a special factory-punched design to guarantee proper alignment over existing systems. It ensures fast and accurate installation.

No business interruptions while installing your new roof means zero lost profits. Your employees and customers can continue using the building while your roofers quickly and expertly retrofit your existing metal roof. Your business will instantly enjoy the perks of a durable, strong, and long-lasting roofing system that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, along with higher energy efficiency, lower monthly bills, and decades of worry-free roofing. If metal re-roofing sounds like the right choice for you, contact Kessel Construction to set up an appointment for a roof inspection.


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