4 Reasons to Invest in a Butler Metal Building

Monday Apr 4th, 2022

Butler has been Innovating in the space for years with streamlined building construction and value engineered systems that don't sacrifice on durability.

DB vs DBB Small

Want to Learn More About Design-Build?

Saturday Jan 1st, 2022

Learn more about design build and its advantages. At the end of the blog post there is are some info graphics comparing the overall time frame, time frame to establish cost and overall cost.

Kessel Butler Re Roof 100818

Benefits of Re-Roofing With Metal

Tuesday Jun 1st, 2021

Whether you have an existing metal roof or shingle roof. Whether you have one roof, two roofs or a combination of roofs that you want made into one roof. We have the products, knowledge and 25-year warranties to make your roof water tight for years to come.


In many cases, we don't even need to remove the existing roof, allowing your facility to continue on as if we are not even there.

kessel co video

Kessel's Past and Present

Thursday Aug 20th, 2020

Check out our latest video chronicling Kessel's past and present! We look forward to seeing you soon! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay vigilant.

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