Concrete construction for a variety of applications


Kessel is a leader in commercial and industrial concrete construction. We provide high quality poured concrete floors and slabs, building and tank foundations, foundation walls, press pits and trenches, tank bottoms, compressor pads and much more. Our building foundations are poured concrete, reinforced with rebar.


Kessel also specializes in concrete construction for compressor pads, tank, kiln and machine foundations and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our capabilities include elevated slabs and heavy duty mezzanine structures. No matter what the project entails, Kessel takes every measure to ensure the performance and integrity of all our concrete pours.


Our foundations can be built with a bumper wall to protect against damage from forklifts and pallets. Kessel has a special niche for the construction of press pits for the powdered metal and press metal industries. Pits range from 10’ to 30’ deep and can be single or multi-level. We engineer shoring systems and pit covers complete with water control.

In addition to our experienced team, Kessel has the specialized equipment to perform a wide variety of concrete pours including a new state-of-the-art Somero laser screed for accurately and efficiently placing floor slab concrete.


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