4 Reasons to Invest in a Butler Metal Building

Monday Apr 4th, 2022

4 Reasons to Invest in a Butler Metal Building and Why Butler Metal Buildings Outperform the Competition

Butler uses the latest technologies and products to bring customized metal building designs to life. Butler focuses on the details, such as pre-punched structural, top rated fasteners and unique roof clips. It adds value to a company’s bottom line for years, using modeling tools that can help owners understand their project and potential savings. Kessel Construction, Inc has been in business for over 85 years. And for 70 years, Kessel has been proud to be a certified Butler metal building dealer. If you are considering any type of industrial or commercial building project in the future, consider the following reasons why Kessel and a Butler metal building is a solid investment.


Modern Innovations

Butler takes a unique approach to producing even the smallest building components to ensure tremendous value and low cost of ownership over time. Butler uses state-of-the-art fabrication methods to produce carefully designed building components. For example, Butler factory pre- punches the structural system to ensure proper alignment and secure fit, ensuring the MR-24 standing seam roof performs and offering industry leading protection against the weather.

Butler metal buildings also feature staggered metal roof panels secured by MR-24 weathertight seams. The staggered arrangement of the roof panels ensures better protection against leaks while most other metal building manufacturers continue to join as many as four panels together along one seam, making it almost impossible to completely seal. Butler’s unique panel arrangement provides better weather resistance than standard metal building and metal roofing competitors.

The seams holding together the staggered panels on a Butler metal building’s roof uses the same double-locking seam seen on beverage cans. This 360-degree seam offers substantial protection against leaks, and Butler field-rolls the final 180 degrees of each seam bend to ensure maximum protection against the elements.


Streamlined Building Process

Working with Kessel Construction on a Butler metal building project means having a dedicated point of contact who knows everything about Butler building systems. Start by designing the commercial metal building that suits your needs, building space, and budget. Kessel Construction is a proud provider of Butler metal building systems because of the consistent quality, and the Butler system enables efficient and speedy building projects.

Thanks to the careful design and manufacturing of Butler metal building materials, the building process is much simpler and more straightforward than competing metal building systems. Butler metal buildings can go up quicker than other types of metal buildings, and their durable construction ensures fantastic value over time. Butler metal roofs utilize a minimum of exposed fasteners, providing a more weathertight system and the system speeds up construction time significantly without sacrificing protection or value.


Durable Building Systems

The Butler metal building system only uses the highest-quality materials and finishes, and the fabrication process behind Butler metal building products ensures their effectiveness and preserves value over time.

Butler metal roofs have seamed-in gable trims that require about 85% fewer fasteners than competing metal building systems, reducing the chance of leaks and requiring less maintenance over time. Steel rod bracing ensures the metal roof holds its original strength and tightness over time, unlike wire, rope, or cable that can sag, expand, and contract and distort the shape of the roof.


Tremendous Value

One of the biggest benefits of using the Butler metal building system is that Butler products not only offer fantastic value due to their design and craftsmanship, but also the warranty protection offered by Butler. The Butler-Cote™ roof and wall panel paint system, KYNAR is warranted for a full 25 years with no prorating, ensuring coverage in the event of any blistering, peeling, cracking, or chipping in the finish. The galvalume roof panel finish has been proven by third party testing to have a useful life of over 60 years!

Commercial property owners need to focus on running their businesses, not handling repeated maintenance issues due to low-quality building materials, overly complex construction, and outdated building techniques. The Butler system includes innovative and reliable building materials and a fastening system that ensures quick, safe, and reliable construction.


Choose Butler for Your Metal Building Project

The Butler system also allows customers to pick and choose exactly what they need, and the ultimate price tag on a Butler metal building depends on what the customer wants. However, the average Butler metal building is typically competitive with other equivalent building systems.

Butler provides a lifetime of savings with any new metal building project. MR-24 Standing Seam roof system and Butler-Cote™ wall systems provide low maintenance and help reduce operating costs. Butler designs every piece with quality and savings in mind, offering customers a fantastic cost of ownership for any new building project. Kessel Construction offers a full range of Butler metal building services and can help you design the perfect metal building for your business. To date Kessel Construction has sold more than $50 million in Butler metal building products, a testament to Kessel and Butler’s outstanding quality and commitment to excellence.





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