Relying on the experience and knowledge attained from 80 years of construction services, Kessel understands the diversified delivery methods and needs of every client. Such methods range from plan-spec-bid projects where Kessel has no involvement during the design phase, to an integrated design-build approach where Kessel plays an active role beginning early in the design process.

Through industry leading processes and our project management approach, we are committed to meeting the expectations of quality and safety, establishing clear lines of communication, staying on schedule and controlling costs.

In addition to being a Butler builder and a leader in design-build construction, Kessel is known for its ability to construct energy efficient buildings. With options such as high R- value insulation for metal roof and metal wall systems, tested and proven by Butler Hot Box, along with high efficiency lighting, electric and HVAC systems, Kessel can help lower maintenance and energy costs over the lifetime of the building. 

We also offer a 25 year roof and wall warranty; another Kessel advantage.

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